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Design Learning That Creates Real Change

We provide Leadership, Personal and Professional growth facilitators powerful tools to transform the way they teach and engage their customers.

Online courses are great for distributing information, but most courses struggle to produce real results.

GrowKarma helps your corporate and individuals clients produce tangible results and justify their investment translating in more revenue, repeat business and referrals, for you.

Much more than just video

Do you ask powerful life-changing questions in your videos? Use our reflection tool to help your customers think and reflect on those questions, embedded right into your video.

Supercharge your videos with discussion questions and actions your customers can commit seamlessly while watching your videos.

Smart interactive videos

Works with existing videos from YouTube or other platforms

Teach beyond the screen

Learning is more than your customers just listening to you. They have to apply what they learn.

Create real change in your customers by assigning them actions they can do in real life or let them commit to their own actions.

Automated reminders

Learner progress tracking

DRIP functionality

Make the learning experience more human

Give your customers the opportunity to easily interact with each other and with you.

Plus, you get the chance to receive continuous feedback for your content, so you can improve it over time and keep your customers happy.


Social nudging

Social interactions

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Make it your own

Maintain full ownership on your content

Use your own branding

Easy and powerful course editor

Secure and transparent payments

Lead the revolution to real change!

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